We’re Making a Record!

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BIG NEWS!!! I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been awarded an Artist Development grant from The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium! This grant will partially fund a writing and recording project I’m working on in collaboration with some fabulous women musicians and composers (Laurie Lang & Becca May Grant). This project is called Feminine Blue and the plan is to record and release an album by the end of the year!

You may be wondering what Feminine Blue is all about. Let me tell you more. 2017 was quite a year for women. From the Women’s March in January to the #metoo movement that emblazoned headlines. As a jazz artist and songwriter in Madison, I’ve wondered why women are drastically outnumbered in the local jazz scene and how it would look if that was different. I’ve been blessed to play and create with some incredibly talented women players, which is some of the inspiration behind this project. This project will explore what women uniquely add to jazz and uniquely bring new compositions into the world. I want to do so through collaboration in song writing and performing, and writing songs that reflect some of the societal as well as personal themes of this last year including but not limited to women challenging existing power structures, the unique perspective of women as mothers, femininity celebrated and the strength of collaboration. This project will encompass feminine themes in the music, but also a feminine approach to composing and producing and performing.

We’re currently writing, and editing, and adding, and chopping. Tunes are coming together and I’m so excited for the new music we’ll be able to share with you in a few months! Stay tuned for information about how you can help support the project.