December 2018

Voices is comprised of eight original compositions and a innovative arrangement of a jazz standard. Many of these songs were composed in 2018 as part of a writing and recording project called “Feminine Blue”, supported in part by the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium. The compositions are a reflection on what women uniquely bring to jazz and the cultural narratives around women and power. Intentionally collaborative, Betsy was the lead writer with input, editing and support from co-creators Becca May Grant (piano) and Laurie Lang (bass). The artists on the record are Betsy Ezell – vocals, Becca May Grant – piano, Richard Hildner – guitars, Laurie Lang – bass, Jim Huwe – drums. Virginia Mayhew (saxophone) and Roberta Piket (organ) joined the band in the studio for two tunes on this album, adding their seasoned voices and another level of sophistication to the record.

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Bird on a Wire Cover

Bird on a Wire EP
January 2014

Joyful Peace cover

In the Whisper, by Laurie Lang and Betsy Ezell

Winter: A Joyful Peace

Laurie Lang and friends, November 2015

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