On My Way to You

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On My Way to You

by Betsy Ezell

©2016 Betsy Ezell Music


Verse 1

You’re like a fountain I can’t get enough of

Everyday I need to take a deep long drink of You

But there’s so much to do

It’s like a mountain climb to just pass through

The hard work of it all

I’m thirsty and it’s Monday again



I try to take a little off my mind

I keep on running behind

On my way to You


Verse 2

You’re the best Friend that I could have in my life

But the phone keeps on cutting out and I can’t hear Your voice

On the line

Just to be close to You, puts me at ease

Like summer breeze, like a hammock sway

Like the smell of a newborn baby


Verse 3

You’re the Rock that grounds me when it’s madness all around

I watch the news makes me mad makes me scared

And it sometimes makes me cry

When all that can go wrong, it always does

I get so wound up inside

But You remind me of hope, and love lasts forever.



Oh You, You take a little off my mind

You run with me from behind

That’s what You do