_MG_8454A little bit acoustic. A little bit soul. A little bit jazz.


Betsy Ezell is a singer and songwriter with a little something to prove…it’s never too late.


She has grown as a musician and singer her entire life, learning and risking more along the way. It started with piano lessons, then violin, teaching herself guitar, then worship band, choir, then college choir and orchestra, to a blues band, to jazz vocals, up to the singing with the big band, then on to worship leading for larger and larger audiences, to arranging Christmas tunes for an acoustic show, to leading worship for a 22,000 person event, and ending up as a mom of two kids and really wishing she’d spent a lot of that time writing and performing her own music. At age 35, it just felt too late.


But, the fear of regret is a strong motivator. In 2014, Betsy started writing. The writing is hard work–it’s a mix of inspiration, editing, refining, redefining, scrapping and reworking. Some people wake up with an entire song written for them in their dreams. For others, it is not that easy. For Betsy, it is laboring through the songwriting process from beginning to sweet end that is most transforming. Truly, even if it is difficult, it is never too late!


The other side of Betsy’s creative expression is worship leading at churches and conferences.


Betsy has performed at the Brink Lounge, the Willy St. Co-op Patio, and Dream Bank.


Betsy Ezell lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two children.